We prioritise collaborative relationships

We prioritise collaborative relationships

We work alongside communities, clients and partners on integrated solutions and approaches to complex and dynamic social issues.

We specialise in delivering outcomes that are clear, practical and actionable immediately.

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Areas of capability

We specialize in multidisciplinary, tailored, and innovative methods and practice, grounded in robust evidence-based assessments. We provide impact-focused strategic and targeted advice to improve outcomes and efficiencies for our clients. 

Strategy & Scanning

Strategy & Scanning

Our approach encompasses multidisciplinary, tailored, and innovative methods and practice. Our work is underpinned by a detailed understanding of our clients’ requirements and sensitivity to the places and people with which we work. Areas of expertise include strategic planning, program review, reconciliation action planning, and horizon scanning.

Community & culture

Our proper business ethos emphasises engaged, collaborative and participatory approaches to all the people we work with. We build trusting and respectful relationships with our staff, consultants, clients and communities and link approaches to development with an indigenous lens. Areas of expertise include community engagement, cultural competency, leadership development, facilitation, yarning circles/dialogue, community development, and community relations.

Research & evidence

Research & evidence

We provide respectful, sensitive and culturally appropriate processes in our research practices. Participatory evaluation is an effective method of providing insights into monitoring, evaluation, capacity development, research, planning and training activities. Areas of expertise include qualitative research, participatory design, impact assessment, and policy and program evaluation.

Experience & expertise

Proper Business brings together Indigenous expertise in the areas of health and  well-being, education and competency, community development, caring for country, justice and healing, capacity building, leadership development, food security, gender and new media. Areas of expertise include mixed methods research, policy and program evaluation, monitoring, impact assessment, governance, strategy and performance advice, change management, and internal audit and assurance.

How we work with clients

The quality of our work is underpinned by a detailed understanding of our client’s context and requirements, as well as sensitivity to the importance of places and people.

Proper Business respects protocols and builds trusting and attentive relationships founded upon deep listening and ethical engagement with clients, colleagues, and community.

Proper Business recognises the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, while drawing on shared experiences to build common understandings.  We understand that community engagement and consultation are central to achieving ‘buy-in’ from the community and stakeholders, building support and legitimacy. As such, we employ strengths-based and participatory approaches so communities involved are actively engaged in building capacity and achieving long term, sustainable development outcomes. 

Our partners

Proper Business works with the following organisations to deliver results for our clients, partners and communities.